Active Citizenship. Global Citizenship.

This platform serves to encourage active citizenship and dispositions that are conscious of the world we live in. Not the world that people want you to believe we live in, but the world that we actually live in. Digital disruption has afforded us the opportunity to find balanced news and information. As well as the opportunity to turn our awareness into action.

Action. Why active citizenship? Because the world belongs to us. Thankfully, in this era, many of us have the legal endowment to sculpt the world into what we chose. In some states, this is called “democracy”. Which, by definition, means “rule of the people”. It is a system that is meant to signal an elevation in appreciating the importance of individual agency, as well as highlighting the necessity of empowering individuals to craft productive and well-functioning societies. In other states, which chose alternative models of organising themselves, the ode to investing in the individual is highlighted through legally recognising human rights and financing their enterprises. Either way, that coupled with the world’s growing interest in Africa gives us the license to create “the Africa we want” and the world that we want. It also gives us the open door to advocate for those who are “voiceless”.

More than anything THE DIPLO-SPHERE exists to affirm and empower you into appreciating that you have a place in your community and a place in the world. Nobody is capable of playing the unique role that you can. Nor can they manifest the unique gifts that you have been especially created to deliver to the world.

As exciting changes unfold though out the African continent and around the world, THE DIPLO-SPHERE will be here to share, unpack and join you as the adventures unravel. So share, subscribe and participate on our outlets.

Your partner in active global citizenship



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