Global Startup Ecosystem: The World’s First & Largest Digital Accelerator

The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is the world’s first and largest digital accelerator for “start-ups”. Their core focus is to serve as a central hub for educating, inspiring and grooming start-ups for the digital age. The young leader who harbours the great foresight that founded this platform is Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Christine Souffrant Ntim.  Souffrant is an inspiring Haitian-American change- maker whose appearances, initiatives and collaborations have stretched from The United Nations, TEDx, European Union Forum, to partnering with Draper University and LightSpeed Innovations to give you The Space Tech Summit, coming in 2018! But before you think that all the action is happening in 2018, note that this change-maker lived up to the title by hosting the world’s First Digital Space Accelerator this July… Impressive! It goes without saying that THE DIPLO-SPHERE will definitely be following the progress made by this exceptional leader.


The GSE platform services 7 regions on 5 continents: America, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. One can take advantage of their enriching opportunities by joining this, self- dubbed, “digital revolution” in one (or all) 3 ways: Joining a digital summit, community or accelerator.

GSE hosts over 50 Summits annually and offers free access to the first 10 000 registrants. Summit content delves into “Startup hacks”, Personal Brands and Frontier Tech. Supplying strategies, tips, case studies and access to thought leaders to assist one in flourishing in their chosen sphere. GSE Digital Communities offer monthly “mastermind groups” where you can connect with top entrepreneurs and experts online. The Digital Accelerators are accessed on an application basis only. Special Note: you will be up against the best and brightest so always give concise, focused answers! Chosen start-ups form regional cohorts characterised by a diverse and accomplished set who are orientated then immersed in a challenging, yet highly informative series of interactive webinars covering the greatest obstacles that any start-up has to face… Unique tips on how to press hack, wow investors, and raise $250k in 6 months, anybody? 😊


Whether you are an entrepreneur at ideation stage, social entrepreneur a few years in or leader of an established organisation, THE DIPLO-SPHERE, highly recommends subscribing to GSE and visiting their resources page. Updated on a monthly basis, this page is flooded with a wealth of hacks, tips and freebie resources that can save you an abundance of time, resources and effort in digitizing your entity. You can spend months taking advantage of the resources and recommendations forwarded by GSE. So roll up those sleeves and start tapping into a supply of “bottomless” coffee!!

Applications are still open for Latin America, MENA, Asia, Blockchain and IOT Accelerators but apply as soon as possible. As one honoured to have been part of the 2017 Africa cohort, I highly appreciated the candor, critical thought and deep level of assessment with which every topic was approached. It may have been grueling but it was absolutely worth it! In addition to this, the liberal nature with which very helpful information was dispersed and the approachability of accomplished keynote speakers is encouraging and valuable to any entrepreneur and young leader who has been searching for solutions and sacrificing much to build their initiative.


THE DIPLO-SPHERE excited accepts the GSE’s humbling salutation, listing us as one of Africa’s “Top 150 African Startups for 2017”.




Images: Global Startup Ecosystem.


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