Vendedy: A Global Platter of Exciting Cultural Bites

Any traveler would appreciate a gourmet meal served in an air-conditioned restaurant overlooking something scenic enough to warrant inflated prices on your bites. But every now and then, or in my case… any day, the soul enjoys a stroll in the footsteps of the locals to get as authentic a cultural experience as possible. Not to say that I do not appreciate the 5- star treatment. I very happily broadcast that I am game for some 6- star swagger on any continent! However, there is only so much that the primly buffed and polished tourist experience can do for you. If there is one thing we have in common worldwide, it is that the realm of street markets offers relaxed, fun, authentic cultural bites that add to your overall enjoyment of a tour. Que in Vendedy.


Vendedy is an online hub dedicated to giving curious travelers access to a global network of street markets. A wise move, considering that the street market sector is reportedly valued to be worth trillions of US Dollars. This brain child of Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Christine Souffrant Ntim catalogues 500 street markets from 51 countries, across four continents. The moment you select a region and country you are spoiled for choice at a broader variation of markets than many would think exists. One would find anything from vibrant art networks to crafts markets, flavoursome organic food markets, rooftop and even floating markets. Christine Souffrant Ntim is the COO of The Global Startup Ecosystem, the world’s first digital start-up accelerator. Coming from 3 generations of street vendors and having traveled 30 countries, she noted the stories of street vendors and ultimately developed the insightful, award-winning platform which has produced tangible financial increase for street markets. Meaning that you not only get your unique cultural experiences and souvenirs, but you also support local entrepreneurs. Admittedly, your negotiation skills may be tested, or even work overtime but that often adds to the experience and births humorous anecdotes.


This exciting digital platter of diverse “real world” cultural bites is a valuable resource to any traveler or local in need of ideas on how to brighten their social calendar. Be sure to share with us (@thediplos) and them (@vendedy) all your “Kodak moments” and fun videos of your experiences at any of the locations listed on

Images courtesy of @vendedy on Instagram



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