Africa’s largest startup campus: 22 On Sloane

Exciting news for entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors across Africa: The continent’s largest start-up campus has finally opened! 22 On Sloane is based in Bryanston, Johannesburg. This initiative of The Global Entrepreneur’s Network (GEN) is funded by public and private sector partners from around the globe.


the diplo-sphere 22onsloane (2)

Johnathan Ortmans (President, Global Entrepreneurship Week), Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group),  Lindiwe Zulu (RSA Minister, Small Business Development) and other dignitaries officially opening 22 On Sloane


22 On Sloane was opened on 10 November by a host of notable business and government leaders such as Johnathan Ortmans (President, Global Entrepreneurship Week), Lindiwe Zulu (RSA Minister, Small Business Development), and the original celebrity disruptor himself, Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group). The event and subsequent Global Entrepreneurship Week (13- 16 November 2017) was characterised by a palpable sense of determination, purpose and maturity. It is one thing to be in the midst of optimistic innovators and another when said crowd is a mature set of professionals and entrepreneurs who have taken the leap into owning ventures without being blinded by an unrealistic, romanticised view of building one’s own venture. Thus making this a hub for like-minded individuals, with grit, who are most serious about becoming the new drivers of Africa’s economies.

The purpose of the hub is to nurture and support ventures from across the continent from ideation to commercialisation phase, and also offering assistance towards market entry and financing through angel investors. Enrolled entrepreneurs will have access to a diverse, global team of seasoned entrepreneurs, CEO’s, mentors, scientists and funders.

Services Offered include:

Service Description
Individual Support support, systematic mentorship, coaching in developing new products and services and guidance on succeeding in market entry and growth stage.
Research & Innovative Methods Translating ideas and technologies into products and services, using “Business Design”. A concept whereby principles of strategic management and design.
Focus on Future Industries Focus on many industries with priority focus on FinTech, Information & Communication Tech, Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy, Transportation, Services, Water & Sanitation, Agriculture, Health, Education, Tourism, Arts & Crafts.
Angel Fund & Venture Capital Angel Funding and Venture Capital for promising start-ups through partners and global network.
Technical Lab Support Technical expert advice and support, 3D printing, CAD and CAM software, as well as prototype development and testing through partner labs.
Youth Weekend Programmes Saturday weekend programmes for youth aged 13-17.

Some of the benefits to be enjoyed by Residence (at only $75 p/m):

  • Tech labs
  • Think Tank room
  • Boardrooms
  • 5 lounges
  • 4 kitchens
  • Gym and shower facilities
  • A prayer room
  • Childcare facilities
  • Siesta room

and more…


Basically, this well-planned campus is designed to minimise distractions and help entrepreneurs to focus on developing their business.

The good news for non-residents:

  • You can access the campus from 08:00- 17:00. (Whereas residents can access it 24hours.)
  • You can apply to host innovative and unique events on campus. (E-mail:

Although 22 on Sloane has graced our continent’s shores, it is far from being the only impressive mass incubation project around. Less than an hour’s drive away is The Innovation Hub, an impressive multi-building campus in South Africa’s capital city, Tshwane (Pretoria). This catalyst for innovation was built and funded by the Gauteng Provincial Government to catalyse economic development and is worth looking into for local entrepreneurs.

Enjoy these snippets of 22 on Sloane:


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