Google Digital Skills for Africa

Tech mammoth, Google, is on a quest to narrow the digital gap in Africa, increase employability and encourage entrepreneurship among young people through their multiple award-winning Digital Skills for Africa program. This initiative aims to equip 10 million young Africans with skills to help them:

  • Build an online presence
  • Create content
  • Understand web design
  • Understand user experience
  • Deepen appreciation of social media and app development.


Google is looking to achieve their ambitious target within the next 5 years to help make more people employable. In addition to the free online learning portal, they have partnered with multiple organisations across the continent for in-person training in languages such as Swahili, Hausa and Zulu. Google are hoping to ensure that at least 40% of beneficiaries are women.


digital skills for Africa2


Considering how interconnected and swiftly the world is digitizing, we encourage you to begin your journey to earn the esteemed Digital Skills for Africa “Certificate of Online Proficiency”. Register online for free, select your personal learning plan and unlock pools of tutorials and information to help you develop your business, career and overall confidence in your digital skills.


digital skills for Africa1


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