Young Sustainable Impact: Global Startups Designed to Tackle SDGs

The Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) is a highly competitive 5-month Innovation Programme. International teams of diverse young achievers, with proven track records of excellence, create real economically viable startups to tackle one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They address challenges ranging from poverty to climate change, and gender equality.’s well-crafted program is a combination of online training, followed by in-person training in Oslo Norway. They carefully guide the international cohort from creating teams to research and ideation, to building their brands and prototypes; all the way to owning a well-functioning social venture. The program offers knowledge and tools in innovation, creativity, teamwork, and leadership. As well as close mentorship and post-program follow-up through their innovation team and access to YSI’s network of talents and partners.


Some success stories include the acclaimed: Water is a social startup founded to defy the challenge of affordability in providing clean drinking water to masses by providing affordable, biodegradable and suitable water filters. Xyla Water filter was developed and prototyped at MIT.

Decdis uses a variety of data sources and their own proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to provide accurate, actionable, real-time health data to people within closed environments; to halt the spread of disease. They are launching in the workplace and provide “office specific” recommendations to HR departments. Helping them to implement proactive measures that increase overall productivity and keep employees healthy and happy.


For more information and if you are ready for “the challenge of your life” visit their website

All images and video courtesy of Young Sustainable Impact


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