1. What does DIPLO-SPHERE mean?

“Diplo” comes from the root word “diplomacy”

“Sphere” meaning “realms, departments, fields” and the like

Making this a platform that explores building bridges and sharing solutions across multiple spheres of society. Both within the African continent as well as with networks related to, or shared with, Africa.



  1. Is this platform only for Africans?

No. In our increasingly interconnected world, much of the adversity we experience is shared or has strong similarities. Therefore, it is in our best interests to learn about each other and share solutions together.



  1. Is DIPLO-SPHERE an organisation?

No. It is a for-profit, social enterprise.



  1. Does THE DIPLO-SPHERE have political affiliations?

No. This an apolitical entity



  1. Is there a cost to subscribing?

No. Subscription is free



  1. Can I contribute as a writer, artist, photographer or filmmaker?

We are keen to hear from storytellers, innovators, leaders and active citizens from all over the world who have solutions that they want more people to hear about. Please fill out the contact form or email info@thediplo-sphere and you will hear from us.



  1. Is there a specific style this platform favours?

No. The DIPLO-SPHERE strongly encourages diversity and prizes authenticity. It is imperative that you express yourself uniquely. We are open to content in any language as long as a full English translation is provided.